Prior to the Schultz Company completing any residence within any of the 17 Greenbrae subdivisions, that Company had prepared and recorded Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions which set forth certain guidelines for a consistent pattern for the mutual enjoyment of each subsequent purchaser’s property within the given subdivision. These "CC&R’s" run with the property and become binding on each property owner immediately upon the acquisition of any Greenbrae property. You will note that the CC&R’s are referred to in your title insurance policy. While the terms and conditions of the CC&R’s for the 17 subdivisions in Greenbrae vary slightly, the general intent of the CC&R’s is consistent.

The duty of supervision compliance with the CC&R’s on all Greenbrae property owners passed many years ago from the Schultz Company to the Greenbrae Property Owners Association, P.O. Box 383, Kentfield, California 94904. Any communication with the Association should be sent to this address.

The following summary of the CC&R’s is generalized in an attempt to present the overall intent of the 17 different sets of CC&R’s. Accordingly, any specific questions you may have as to how the CC&R’s affect you directly should be referenced to the set of CC&R’s recorded against your own parcel of property. You may obtain a copy of your particular CC&R’s from the County Recorder in the Marin County Civic Center.


(1) All lots are restricted to private one-family dwellings, and only one dwelling house shall be built on any lot. All exteriors of each dwelling shall be of a generally recognized type of architecture and shall be painted or stained as a part of and at the time of erection. NO COMMERCIAL USES OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED.

(2) Plans and specifications covering all structures, including alterations and additions subsequent to completion of construction, must be submitted to the Association, in duplicate, for approval before construction, including excavation is started. Good design and architecture will be required for approval. Structures with more than one street frontage must have all such fronts specially treated.

(3) Conservatories, greenhouses, private detached garages, etc., may be built provided they are only one story in height, of an ornamental character, and in accordance with approved plans. They shall be finished in substantially the same material as the main dwelling.

(4) No main portion of any dwelling unit or outbuilding shall be built within the front or side setback lines established nor within those strips of land set aside for public utility easements. The location of such setbacks lines should be verified from the CC&R’s as well as the Marin County Planning Commission or the City of Larkspur. Exceptions may be made for certain garages. Please note that the setback footage is determined from the original plans of where the street curb should be which is not necessarily where the street curb physically exists at present.

(5) Trees, on public land and on private land (not artificially planted) are a major attraction to the Greenbrae area. Accordingly, no such trees shall be cut, trimmed or removed without the prior written consent of the Association. Artificially planted trees may not be allowed to grow so as to block views.

(6) No sign of any character shall be displayed on or from any property, except one "for sale" or one "for lease" sign not to exceed 17×20 inches in size, or the name or profession of a professional person (the latter only AFTER PRIOR APPROVAL BY THE GREENBRAE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION).

(7) No fence, hedge, wall or other division instrument over six feet high shall be built or installed on any lot and none shall be built or installed between the street and the respective setback line. The design of any fence must be first approved in writing by the Association as to CC&R’s and architectural conformity.

(8) Sidewalks will be installed only in isolated localities. The sidewalk, if any, and the strip of land between the sidewalk and the curb, shall be maintained by the owner of the property in the manner, at the place, and to the width established.

(9) No rubbish shall be stored or allowed to accumulate outside of buildings.

(10) No personal property shall be stored or allowed to accumulate outside of buildings.

(11) An annual charge may be levied against each lot for the general maintenance and upkeep of the tract. This annual charge is on your property tax bill and is noted as County Service Area 16. In addition, there may be an assessment against each property owner for the necessary support of the Greenbrae Property Owners Association.

(12) Enforcement of these restrictions has been delegated to an association, properly organized and representative of the property owners and of which every property owner is an eligible member.

(13) No animals, birds or fowls or other pets in such numbers as may reasonably be objectionable to neighbors may be kept on the premises, nor any dogs which are not confined to premises of the owner, except when under leash.

(14) Virtually every Greenbrae lot has existing thereon easements for public utilities. Each lot owner is entitled to the use and enjoyment of such area of land covered by the easement, but is restricted from the use of such land which may prohibit free access to the easement by the appropriate public utility company. For example, no structures should be constructed over such easement.

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