Navarro Neighborhood Response Group Outreach to Residents

Dear Greenbrae Residents,

I am writing to invite you to join your neighbors in Greenbrae’s “Navarro NRG” (see below for included households) for one hour on Monday, March 25th at 7:00 p.m. in the library at Marin Catholic High School. You are a member of the Navarro NRG if you live on the streets below.

If you cannot make the meeting, the Navarro NRG Steering Committee would be very grateful if you would opt-in to their email list to receive future notices. To do so, please send an email to and include your street name and number with your email.

Navarro NRG:

    Bretano (street addresses 205 through 270 only)
    Corte Cayuga (all)
    Corte de Sabla (all)
    Corte Fedora (all)
    Corte Gracitas (all)
    Corte Toluca (all)
    Eliseo (street addresses 103 through 398 only)
    Via Barranca (all)
    Via La Paz (street addresses 1 through 99 only)
    Via Lerida (all)
    Via Navarro (all)

Attached is an information sheet relating to the meeting and to becoming an active part of the Navarro NRG.

Please RSVP for the March 25th meeting by emailing

Very truly yours,

Jack V. Valinoti
GPOA President

March 25th Navarro NRG Meeting Information Sheet

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