Storing Garbage, Green, and Recycling Cans

Dear Greenbrae Residents,

Recently, the GPOA received several complaints about homeowners leaving their garbage, green, and/or recycling cans near the curb for days and longer after they are emptied by the sanitation service. In addition to being unsightly and against the requirement in the CCRs to store personal property “indoors” (i.e., in a garage or behind a gate or a fence) we received reports of car accidents involving garbage cans that have been left out at the curb. The GPOA reminds all homeowners of the CCRs and asks everyone to remove their cans from the curb within a day after collection.

Our wonderful and beautiful community benefits from this requirement in the CCRs. We thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Very truly yours,

Jack Valinoti
GPOA President

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