CSA 16 Parcel Tax Increase

Dear Greenbrae Homeowners,
I am writing about the $150 annual parcel tax we all pay for landscape maintenance and improvements for our parks, Sir Francis Drake Boulevard frontage, and plentiful median islands throughout Greenbrae.  The tax has been $150 since 1993.  The revenue generated by the tax has funded maintenance and many significant capital improvement projects over the last 20+ years.  Yet, many islands and medians have not been improved in over 50 years and maintenance costs continue to rise.  The fixed amount of revenue will not be sufficient to complete needed landscape improvements, in addition to maintenance, in the near future unless the tax is increased.
The GPOA, the CSA 16 Advisory Board, and the County of Marin have studied historical and projected expenses for maintaining and improving the landscaping in our community.  The CSA 16 Advisory Board has scheduled a Special Meeting for Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at which it will recommend to the County Board of Supervisors that a mail-in ballot vote be held in May 2017 to increase the tax.  You can review the Agenda and Handout (with the historical and projected analysis) for the Special Meeting by following the links below.  I urge you to do so.  The links provide detailed financial information that the CSA 16 Advisory Board and the County prepared and analyzed relating to the tax revenue and upcoming projected expenses, including landscape improvement projects completed in the last 20 years and many projects that remain to be completed across Greenbrae.
In summary, the $150 tax since 1993 has allowed the landscaping in our beautiful community to be maintained and significantly improved over the past 20 years.  Those of you who lived in Greenbrae 25 years ago know the significance of the improvements that have been made.  The $150 tax is not, however, sufficient to continue with improvements.  After reviewing all the information provided in the links below, the CSA 16 Advisory Board and the GPOA Board support an increase of at least $150 per year, which would raise the assessment to $300. This revenue increase will allow capital improvements to continue.
The GPOA is interested in your opinion.  Would you support a $150 increase?  Are you against any increase?  Are you in favor of a smaller increase (say $100) or a higher increase (say $200 or more), which would allow for improvements to be made sooner?
The GPOA would like to hear from you.  Please send an email to info@greenbrae.org to let your GPOA Board know your opinion or if you would like any additional information.
We look forward to hearing from you and ask you to share this email with all Greenbrae homeowners so we can obtain the input of as many residents as possible.  Thank you.
Very truly yours,
Jack Valinoti
GPOA President


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