Kentfield Planning Advisory Board Meeting September 14, 2016 — Marin Catholic H.S. Use Permit Application

Dear Greenbrae Residents,

I am writing to let you know the Kentfield Planning Advisory Board (KPAB) will be holding a meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 14, 2016, during which the Use Permit Application that Marin Catholic H.S. filed with the County of Marin to install stadium lighting will be discussed. The meeting will take place in Deedy Lounge, Student Center, at the College of Marin. This agenda item will be discussed after other agenda items. During the meeting, KPAB will review additional material Marin Catholic H.S. submitted to the County in response to the County Planner’s incomplete list. This meeting also will provide an opportunity for KPAB and the public to provide comments regarding environmental issues raised by the application. The GPOA urges all interested residents to attend this meeting and hopes to see you there.

Very truly yours,

Jack V. Valinoti
GPOA President

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